We are a small Web Hosting and Website development company. Our aim is to help YOU get online as quickly and effectively as possible. To this end we promote hosting your website with a commercial website hosting company as they are extremely cheap and with the correct guidance you can get most of the features you would have if you had your own dedicated hosting server without all the pain and suffering of trying to keep up-to-date or servicing broken hardware.

We currently encourage people to sign up with iPage Web Hosting as we have many clients with them, they give us decent referral commissions and the options available to you are as good as having your own hosted server.

Our professional team of consultants can help you setup your website at iPage and will give you step-by-step assistance in installing a WordPress site with all the necessary trimmings to ensure your web presence is working for you. If you want to see what WordPress does right out of the box, click on this link.

Whether you are a designer wanting to show off your designs, a photographer trying to sell prints and photographs or even a commercial shop who needs to go online, we can help you get online, stay online and make some profit online.

Contact our office to see how we can get you online with a fully functional web site for as little as £297 or if you are prepared to do some of the work yourself you only pay hosting fees 🙂 Click here to see how it works.