Operating Systems

In the world of open source the variations of Linux operating systems that are available are staggering. Beside Linux there are some Unix systems that are also available, many are FREE too.

Starting with my favourite Ubuntu Linux is a class act to follow. They have server editions, desktop editions and they are even talking about getting into phones operating systems – how cool is that?

There is a great article here: How-To Geek website which will cover most of the stuff you need to know about Linux and the distributions such as:

Ubuntu – my soul mate
Debian – close second in my life
Red Hat
Slackware – Arch and Slackware are minimalistic distros without any fancy installs, etc
Puppy – this is a distro that can help revive some old computer hardware

I really just want to give you a resource to look up Linux distributions. As with an choice of operating system you must make a strategic decision based on your requirements and not on the features of the system. Figure out your requirements first and the choice will be obvious.