WordPress Showcase

If you are looking to see what can be done with a WordPress site you need to look no further than their Showcase (click on the link).

The style and look and feel of your website is encapsulated in a theme. There are a vast amount of FREE and Premium themes available – click here to see some examples. We recommend choosing a theme that is closest to what you need in terms of functionality and look and feel and then doing minor setups to customise it to fit your brand.

WordPress gets added functionality from millions of developers through custom made plugins. These plugins can do anything from change a login logo to managing your shop and stock for you. To see the vast repository of plugins and search for one to solve one of you specific problems please click here.

Lastly, you think that being on the move precludes you from updating your website and being able to manage it properly, well WordPress is mobile too. Both phones and tablets benefit from custom apps. Click here to learn more about the mobile WordPress apps.

To find out how we can help you get started with a WordPress website, visit our How It Works page by clicking this link.